Pick A Niche

As a start up internet marketer nothing is more common than the reading and hearing the word NICHE. Which is just a fancy term that means a small but specific and well defined segment of the population that a marketer can target. Basically asking you to pick your niche is asking you to pick what you want to sell and who you want to sell/market to.



5 Easy Blogging Tips

Do you want far better SEO rankings and also top quality material to share on social media sites? Exactly how about enhanced traffic to your site? Then you might wish to think about blogging. While the concept of blogging on a...



The Funnel is not Everything!

I am sure you have heard that the sales funnel is critical to a successful make money online campaign. That is true but only partially true. How about 1/2 true. If we take a step back we need three things to make money online: A) A starving audience (they really need/want something, or have a problem that must be! B) We need to have a solution that meets/exceeds their needs or delivers the solution they so desperately need. C) We need a converting sales funnel. OK, seems simple.---------> Give them what they need! Done.


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